Web Proxy

Mar 23 2022

The majority of container setups need a reverse proxy to redirect incoming requests to the appropriate container. Some time ago I went with a template generator written by my friend, Dotege, this avoids having to expose the docker socket to the web and makes the choice of proxy reasonable flexible, but by default it ships with a template for Haproxy - as a very established proxy, I went with this and this served me quite well for some time.

I have more recently experienced some annoying bugs with haproxy, one of which prevented any containers being pushed to my registry and a more recent one caused an intermittent issue with my site not rendering a background due to a permissions-policy header causing an internal server error. In light of this I took the opportunity to take a look at the alternatives, and as everything is in docker and the configs can be templated as needed, I decided the best way to pick a proxy would be to spin up a few instances of Dotege with different templates and see how they handled running my site with some simple benchmarks and pick one that was nicest to configure whilst being quite performant.

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Feb 16 2022

I recently decided to rewrite my CV, at the start of this process it was still written in LaTeX but based on a popular and easy to use LaTeX CV template, Awesome-CV, when I first switched to a LaTeX CV I floundered whilst trying to write my own from scratch and didn’t have the inclination to lean LaTex so went with this popular template.

I’ve been using this for a number of years, and I’ve made some fairly substantial tweaks over time to change some layouts and update fonts to this and deviated from the upstream version considerable, but the more I hack away at it the harder it was to make Awesome-CV do what I wanted. Everytime I made some minor changes, some very annoying side effects would crop up, the LaTeX class for this is fairly complicated and quite hard to jump in and edit as you need to, it’s mostly designed to be completely adjusted with variables in the document, so decided I should look at alternatives.

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New Site

Feb 13 2022

As I was redoing my CV it was repeatedly suggested that I blog about it, I really dislike the idea of blogging as I’m not convinced I’m capable of writing posts that don’t drone off missing the interesting aspects, but my friends were quite insistent.

Only time will tell if I keep writing posts, but irrespective, the new site gives me the flexibility to make changes and add things to the site with substantially less hassle than the old site.

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